Sam was one of my first models in the “Out of the Darkness”  photo series. When we first meet we discussed how we both had struggled in the prior months with the new reality of the global pandemic and fear for our health and the ramifications of CV19. 
Sam was an aerial acrobat who furring his free time still enjoys the freedom of hanging from “Silks” in the nude three stories above the ground.  
 I meet Sam for the a first time when going stir crazy being cooped up for two months found a naked yoga class that sounded interesting that Sam was teaching through Zoom groups. needless to say i didn't ever take the yoga class. I think I’m a bit more comfortable on this side of the camera, but it sparked a conversation that lead to his modeling for me several months later. 
Sam,  still has hopes of returning to the aerial acrobatics and the Circus Ole’ performers who have been his family for many years once the pandemic ends and shows are running again. 
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